Feeling our Way through these times of such challenge and such great potential!

During these times it is a huge challenge to stay peaceful, stay centered, stay in our own energy and stay out of guilt and fear and all the engineered low states of consciousness that those who would like to be in charge of our world are doing their best to provoke.

Regardless, the Age of Aquarius, with all that that implies and entails, is ON THE WAY.

The battle with the nefarious forces that have been ruling our world for decades is already won and we are slowly settling in to creating a world that works for EVERYONE and not just the privileged few.

During these times, because of all the LIGHT coming through the photon belt from our Pleiadean friends who are part of the off planet group that want to assist us now, in defeating the forces of darkness on the planet, there is a TON of trauma and fear coming up to be cleared.

This trauma and fear must be cleared in order for us to be purified so we can move forward in creating the New Earth that we have all been waiting for for so long.

All that we are going through with the covid scare and all the misinformation coming out from the media, along with all the suppression of true information from doctors and scientists trying so hard to bring us the truth, is creating mass confusion and more fear. the Masks and the vaccines are creating a ton of fear as well as people watch their friends and family take the vaccine, and many are having very negative results.

All the fear and paranoia that is being stirred up is making the situation feel like it's ratcheting up further and further - making many of us feel more and more like things are out of control.

And they are out of control- out of the control of our MINDS that is.

the process that we recommend here at Spiritpath is the path of Clearing your being of past trauma (including past life trauma) and opening up to a force bigger than your mind or ego-

the force of your Higher Self.

Your higher self now more than ever would like to get your attention.

When you can open up to the wisdom of your heart , of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine coming together in the Heart Chakra, it takes you to a much deeper and more peaceful place.

The Divine Bliss we are all hoping for- that we remember from some dim past and some desired future- is on the way. We just have some work to do first...

and part of that work involves learning to be VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU ARE LISTENING TO.

Now more than ever, it's time to look within for the answers.

If you are looking to government, politics, religion or media/entertainment to bring you the truth, you will be sadly mistaken.

The best and only real way to get through these times is to open up your connection to the Divine through your intuition, your inner knowing, your Higher Self, and begin to listen and operate from that place more and more in your life.

EVERYONE of us has a connection to the Divine. Our guilt and lack of forgiveness of ourselves and others is IN THE WAY.


Please consider doing some serious forgiveness work on yourself and others in your life in order to open up the Floodgates to the Divine Prosperity St Germain talks about- the Divine Prosperity and Abundance that is the Birthright of Every Man, Woman and CHILD on this planet.

NOWHERE is it written that suffering is necessary. Being wedded to an economic and political system that does not represent us or take care of us when we are in need is a CHOICE.

We can choose again. And if we are going to live in that Divine Bliss that we all know is possible, where every man, woman and child has his/her needs met and lives in the rich Abundance that the Earth provides for us, then we will need to evolve more humane systems from our own spiritual guidance.

We are up to the challenge. 

But first, we must do the Deep Dive of the work of  Cleansing the past.

After that all things are possible.

Once we clear the trauma of the past, we will never be led down the wrong road and trust the wrong people, unless we choose to do that.

We will intuitively know what is best for us and our families, and Grace will open doors for us - much better and more appropriate pathways than those our minds would have thought up.

But Surrender to the Divine and Forgiveness of Guilt of ourselves and others is Number one on the List of Priorities.

Please contact me if you think you are ready to get started on this road to a better future.

With Love, Joy and seeing all great things possible for us in the very near future.



Return of the Divine Feminine

Posted on 2 January, 2011 at 0:02

What people are talking about now and thinking about has a lot to do with the Return of the Divine Feminine.

We see our world in the midst of major upheaval - economic, political, social, relationships..... stock market, bank accounts, wars in 75 countries (and those are only the ones the US is involved in) ...you name it, there is a whole lot of shaking going on.

This movement can cause a lot of fear and discord and retro kinds of reactivity in us, especially for those of us who are not grounded in a positive spiritual program. Even those who have a strong spiritual program fall into fear from time to time, and we depend on each other at those times, to remind us of what we already know but have temporarily forgotten.

This movement of Kali as I would call it, the eradication of all that is built on a false foundation, building up to the climax that is indicated in the Mayan calendar, will give us all an opportunity to look at what is working in our lives, and what is just habitual- what has life and juice and meaning for us, and what is just holding on to old habits from the past, unconsciously.

I would put hoarding and the religion of materialism in that category. Old habits of greed on an international scale are putting the world dangerously out of balance. Another area that holds us back is hanging on to old relationships that are no longer juicing us and helping us to grow. One way out of the isolation and existential sadness that many are feeling (which manifests in depression and "anti depressants")  is learning to share and love and care for each other as a community..

The fear and existential despair and worry about what is going to happen can keep us up at night and lower the quality of our sleep. Taking drugs is not the answer. Connecting with your higher self makes a huge difference.

The exciting thing is that these  are also times when the Planet is being FLOODED with light - it's coming into every one of us, and the Lightworkers among us are using it to help heal and balance the Planet. The Wise Women and Men among us are using it to do Visioning Work... thinking about how we want the world of the future to work and using INTENTION to help create that world - a world where there is an end to scarcity and fear.

A world where the needs of all are met, and beauty and abundance are shared by all the world - in short, a Goddess society.

You can read more about such Goddess societies in the book "the Chalice and the Blade "  by Riane Eisler and other books in the Reading Material section of this website.

many blessings for a RADIANT NEW YEAR!

I welcome your comments :)

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Reply Deb M
6:09 on 2 January, 2011 
Very nice. :) I've noticed within the past couple years I've been doing a lot of housekeeping, so to speak... some details were by choice, others...not so much. It has been frightening, but I realize its all part of this shift. When I look at it through that lens, its not as frightening. :)
Reply liz
6:17 on 2 January, 2011 
yes, it feels as if a lot of this is out of our hands but in reality I believe we signed up to live in these "interesting times" (as the Chinese curse has it!) before we were born this time around. Because these are important times and we are here to midwife the Changes! it's exciting and a bit daunting at the same time!
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