Feeling our Way through these times of such challenge and such great potential!

During these times it is a huge challenge to stay peaceful, stay centered, stay in our own energy and stay out of guilt and fear and all the engineered low states of consciousness that those who would like to be in charge of our world are doing their best to provoke.

Regardless, the Age of Aquarius, with all that that implies and entails, is ON THE WAY.

The battle with the nefarious forces that have been ruling our world for decades is already won and we are slowly settling in to creating a world that works for EVERYONE and not just the privileged few.

During these times, because of all the LIGHT coming through the photon belt from our Pleiadean friends who are part of the off planet group that want to assist us now, in defeating the forces of darkness on the planet, there is a TON of trauma and fear coming up to be cleared.

This trauma and fear must be cleared in order for us to be purified so we can move forward in creating the New Earth that we have all been waiting for for so long.

All that we are going through with the covid scare and all the misinformation coming out from the media, along with all the suppression of true information from doctors and scientists trying so hard to bring us the truth, is creating mass confusion and more fear. the Masks and the vaccines are creating a ton of fear as well as people watch their friends and family take the vaccine, and many are having very negative results.

All the fear and paranoia that is being stirred up is making the situation feel like it's ratcheting up further and further - making many of us feel more and more like things are out of control.

And they are out of control- out of the control of our MINDS that is.

the process that we recommend here at Spiritpath is the path of Clearing your being of past trauma (including past life trauma) and opening up to a force bigger than your mind or ego-

the force of your Higher Self.

Your higher self now more than ever would like to get your attention.

When you can open up to the wisdom of your heart , of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine coming together in the Heart Chakra, it takes you to a much deeper and more peaceful place.

The Divine Bliss we are all hoping for- that we remember from some dim past and some desired future- is on the way. We just have some work to do first...

and part of that work involves learning to be VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU ARE LISTENING TO.

Now more than ever, it's time to look within for the answers.

If you are looking to government, politics, religion or media/entertainment to bring you the truth, you will be sadly mistaken.

The best and only real way to get through these times is to open up your connection to the Divine through your intuition, your inner knowing, your Higher Self, and begin to listen and operate from that place more and more in your life.

EVERYONE of us has a connection to the Divine. Our guilt and lack of forgiveness of ourselves and others is IN THE WAY.


Please consider doing some serious forgiveness work on yourself and others in your life in order to open up the Floodgates to the Divine Prosperity St Germain talks about- the Divine Prosperity and Abundance that is the Birthright of Every Man, Woman and CHILD on this planet.

NOWHERE is it written that suffering is necessary. Being wedded to an economic and political system that does not represent us or take care of us when we are in need is a CHOICE.

We can choose again. And if we are going to live in that Divine Bliss that we all know is possible, where every man, woman and child has his/her needs met and lives in the rich Abundance that the Earth provides for us, then we will need to evolve more humane systems from our own spiritual guidance.

We are up to the challenge. 

But first, we must do the Deep Dive of the work of  Cleansing the past.

After that all things are possible.

Once we clear the trauma of the past, we will never be led down the wrong road and trust the wrong people, unless we choose to do that.

We will intuitively know what is best for us and our families, and Grace will open doors for us - much better and more appropriate pathways than those our minds would have thought up.

But Surrender to the Divine and Forgiveness of Guilt of ourselves and others is Number one on the List of Priorities.

Please contact me if you think you are ready to get started on this road to a better future.

With Love, Joy and seeing all great things possible for us in the very near future.



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why doing the deep work is so important right now.

Posted on 6 July, 2020 at 13:20 Comments comments (157)
Why connecting to the Dream World/ the Unconscious Mind is So Important for Healing.

Tapping into a place beyond the Conscious Mind is something Mystics and Artists and spiritual seekers have been doing since the beginning of time, with meditation, with various ways of reaching altered states, sometimes with the aid of mind altering drugs. They intuitively sense that beyond the conscious, rational mind lies a realm of more freedom of thought. A realm without the blinders, the cultural limitations we ordinarily take for granted.. the unconsciously assumed limitations that come from the ways we were brought up, our cultural backgrounds and all the assumptions that govern our minds from an unconscious place… until we start to become conscious. As soon as we start to wake up, things are never the same. We can never put our minds back into that tiny little box again.

While many artists and writers and other Creatives are aware that their best work comes when they tap into a realm beyond the senses, beyond the Conscious mind and allow the material to come through onto whatever their medium happens to be, many ordinary people have been taught that the Unconscious is a fearful place without reason or rationality – and they do their best to stay in the rational as it holds the illusion of security. The cultural assumption is that the Unconscious is a fearful place since in it lie the seeds of revolution. The Inner revolution that means living with integrity, from the Inside out, is threatening to the status quo of most societies at this time. Living with integrity is not living as perfect people who never get angry or make mistakes – but living authentically, from the Inside Out. Trusting ourselves and our own inner wisdom, without needing to look to the outside- school, church, government, tv commentators, for direction as to what to think and where to go, what to do.

Mahatma Gandhi spoke about the world this way: “the world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.” 

One thing we are rarely taught, although Freud and Jung certainly spent a lot of time laying the background for this important insight – is that what we in the Western frame of thought call the Unconscious Mind is the repository of many of the answers we spend our lives seeking. If one knows how to mine the realms of the Unconscious, many hidden treasures reside there. With the Spiritpath process we are able to access these treasures that lie beyond the conscious mind. When we connect with what we call the Higher Self, each one's intuitive wisdom and power, the Sky is the Limit!

Joseph Campbell referred to it this way: “ The cave you fear to enter holds the Treasure you seek.”

Spiritpath comes from many different sources. I originally found Rebirthing Breathwork in the early 80s in Southern California when I was looking for work (ultimately successfully) in the film industry. I found the empowering philosophy of metaphysics through Terry Cole Whittaker.. I so looked forward to her empowering weekly TV show. She was the first to talk about empowerment from within as a real thing, and to embody it. She was the first powerful teacher to let me know that I had the power to create my own reality and that if it wasn’t what I wanted, there were ways to fine tune my thoughts and intentions and create more closely what I would like.

At this time I was already studying with an Indian yogi named Swami Chitvilasananda, a Kundalini guru.  She helped me realize that there was much more to my body than muscles and tendons, veins and blood- that my body was a magical container for the kundalini life force energy. That there were channels for that life force energy throughout my body, channels that when aligned properly could produce peace of mind, happiness, bliss, ecstasy even… and wisdom and understanding beyond what I had ever known or been taught to expect. I spent over forty years studying with this teacher and spending time in India with her. Her teachings, called Kashmir Shaivism, changed my life profoundly, and lifted a lifelong depression that had been with me since I was a young child, as a result of a challenging childhood. Other teachers followed, wisdom teachers from Santa Fe and Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Deva Foundation, Power Path, Breathwork, Cranio Sacral in Costa Rica, Acupressure- the Windows to the Sky.

I was what I now know is called a Wounded Healer. I had a wound, a primal wound, and I was forced to seek high and low to resolve this pain – emotional in my case. Many others have diseases that the doctors can’t heal, or other situations- issues with emotional or financial support usually-  that grab their attention and won’t let go.  And so we get on our healing journey and we do what we can with regular medicine, psychology etc, and then are often forced to check out alternative solutions.

These are solutions that others, more conditioned towards Western, allopathic medicine, may find bizarre or strange. We often find that these alternatives are older – much older- than the medical science that is the foundation of our new religion, the one we are not supposed to deviate from- science and medicine. The more I go down the path of the older indigenous wisdom that is the basis of Shamanism, the more science has been able to prove the existence of- and show the context for- so many ideas that were completely discounted in my youth, where I was trained in left brain academia at the “best schools”. The aura and the energetic field around the body, the chakras, all are examples of these topics that were thought hopelessly “airy fairy” in the 70s when I was studying.
I had huge lessons to learn along these lines that involved trusting my own inner truth and acting on it. Many lessons of self esteem were hard won. And self worth- as a woman especially-  went right along with it.

The power of thought to create reality has been clearly shown in the work of Dr Masuro Emoto with water, and the thoughts directed at that water, and the consequent CHANGE in molecular structure of the water. When you think thoughts like I love you, you are perfect, the water forms perfect beauty and symmetry. And the opposite is also true.

It’s been very heartening for me to see the truth of this, as I came from a medical/scientific family and doing alternative work for so long (over thirty years) was way outside my family’s comfort zone. But the more I did this work, the more I got to see that answers exist in altered states- (what I work with as the “trance” state – a foundation of shamanic work)- answers that were so important, and cast such a new light on the circumstances of the client’s life, answers that were absolutely necessary for well being -and created a powerful effect which completely shifted a person’s perspective – and their EMOTIONAL STATE - in new and creative ways.

And I don’t know where or how else they would have found these answers, which changed their lives, if not for the possibility of opening up to a formerly hidden part of the mind, and the Akashic Records, which also reside there.  In other words, when the client opened up to his or her Higher Self and the wisdom and power of the allies invited in to help, EVERYTHING CHANGED! Change from the Inside out that brought relief from long standing conditions of body, mind, spirit or emotions. In some cases these were people whose trauma or pain had caused them to be in therapy for many years, or had them suffering from some form of chronic pain. Often these were people who the medical profession had given up on.

For these people, Miracles were happening every day. The mere process of opening the channel and allowing unspoken and unacknowledged ideas and wisdom to come through was freeing up new energy and resolving old issues that had caused pain, often buried and unconscious, that had haunted people their whole lives. It was a miraculous process, priceless.

I so often hear “I didn’t even know how much I needed this work until I jumped in and did it, but I listened to my intuition and it told me to do it. And I am so very happy I did! It changed my life!” 

It’s like finding something you always intuitively knew existed, but was so hidden that you may have given up on ever getting those answers. And then you took the risk, the leap of faith and sure enough, the answers revealed themselves. Eureka! I am blessed to have been chosen to do this work. And I am grateful!


Birthing a New World is Challenging!

Posted on 3 June, 2019 at 17:45 Comments comments (59)

Greetings lovers of Truth and Beauty!
First of all - to those of you who are struggling during these times of Unprecedented change... (unless you look back to the Middle Ages or earlier) my heart goes out to you...
And I look forward to hearing from you about how you are dealing with those struggles, be they emotional, loss, grief, financial or spiritual in nature.
What those of us on a spiritual path are working towards is to see these struggles in a new light, from a new perspective ,and not getting caught up in the old adversarial patterns.
Certainly the classical model is Thesis, Antithesis, leading to eventual SYNTHESIS.
But we are Clearly getting a very powerful experience of DUALITY and the dark feelings that come up for people who are being asked to look at their world model - the model they grew up with - through the new lens of Privilege - and whether that model actually serves for the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number, which is the standard we are going to be asked to live up to, in the New World.
No longer will it be ok to be part of a tiny elite (it used to be bigger, but has shrunk, along with the disappearing Middle Class) and just be grateful that we are enjoying life, while we close our eyes (to varying degrees) to the obvious suffering of others.
Now we are being asked to OPEN OUR HEARTS - to unite the brain of our HEART with our MIND and use that synthesis to create a new direction for the world.
The first step is to do our own Body/Mind/Spirit healing - the Deep Healing that assists us in resolving and learning from our own trauma, both Personal and Intergenerational.
By Intergenerational Trauma and patterns, many of you may know I am talking about Trauma passed down in families by traumatic experiences on a larger level. Think the Holocaust- either the Jewish, or the Native American, or the women/witches murdered worldwide over centuries. Or so many other horrific experiences. 
And the ways we have adapted - or maladapted- to deal with those traumatic experiences are what need to be examined. We may be talking about alcoholism, or various kinds of child abuse- sexual, emotional, spiritual, religious. But all these old traumas are coming up to be healed.
When we do the Deep Work of healing those traumas and intergenerational patterns, we are beginning to heal them for the world as well - through the ripple effect that extends to everyone we know.

So... Onward and Upward! Keep on loving and supporting each other and we will get through this... Together...

Feeling the Birth Pangs of a New World...

Posted on 26 August, 2018 at 20:09 Comments comments (28)
how are you all doing out there? I know things are challenging, as the foundations that are not strong are coming down, and we all have to look at the things we are in denial about - as they are up in our face.. but there is much Grace here to deal with this process, if we just ask for help. If you need thoughts or suggestions, please email me... and if old trauma is coming up, now is the time to deal with it.. 
Spiritpath can absolutely help- in major ways. <3
Wishing us all courage and rigorous honesty as we go through these amazing days. PS - September and October are supposed to start getting easier <3 <3 <3

Moving into the Light- and your Light Body

Posted on 10 July, 2018 at 18:55 Comments comments (55)
OK- I think we can all feel the energy starting to ratchet up, as there is more and more pressure on all of us... the old traumas and patterns are coming up to be healed and cleared..
And there is SO MUCH LIGHT out here to help us.
All we have to do is ASK.
You don't even have to know who you are asking.
Just ask for help and be willing to receive it - even from places where you weren't expecting it, and sometimes from people we have judgments about.

If we can open our minds and start learning to trust our guidance, (and ask that what come through be ONLY of the Light).. then we can start to grow more trust and start to integrate the various parts of our personality more fully. And once we build that trust, our connection with our Higher Self gets stronger and we get more strength and peace, from the inside out. And life will never be the same after that.

If this interests you, please give a call after you read the website, and make your appointment for the free  consultation you are looking for.
Blessings to you all.

Coping with Challenging times.

Posted on 17 August, 2017 at 16:58 Comments comments (13)
hey there!
I know we are all dealing with a lot of interesting events and people in our lives who are a bit off balance, and I just want to say a few things to help hold the space of peace and trust and ease and grace..

During these times when it's hard to know if we are getting the honest story, or if people in power have agendas that they would like us to fit into, it's very important to go within and deal with any trauma that we have not yet dealt with, and to learn to TRUST OUR OWN INTUITION. If we don't have that inner BS detector working, we are at the mercy of any loud voice that wants to grab our attention. And it's easy to feel like a pinball in a machine.

While events around us are swirling and it may feel hard to hold the center, now more than ever, especially with the eclipse coming up on Monday, is the time to GO WITHIN and meditate. 

Don't stress if you don't have eclipse glasses or you aren't going to be right in the path of the eclipse. My information tells me it's a great time to stay inside, meditate and not eat much. Drink a lot of water, and send love to the other people in our country, even the ones you think you are angry with, because everybody needs love right now. Especially those who are so confused they think that hate is the path they need for their own self preservation.

When we send love, it is the Strongest force in the Universe and it blows everything else away. Keep sending love, keep loving those around you and letting them know how much you love them.

Love the children, and the older people, love your dogs and cats and all the animals in your household and the wild ones too.. and the wild spaces, please send them love also, and the Earth. She needs your love and care right now.

If you feel like you would like help in releasing trauma and learning to trust the Divine more, please give a call or email me on the website.

MANY BLESSINGS and HUGE LOVE to you all. We are on the precipice of real, lasting, important change and the best thing we can all do is let go of Fear and FOCUS ON LOVE. 

Keep on sending the Love.

Lion's Gate morning chat

Posted on 8 August, 2017 at 11:32 Comments comments (91)
Good Morning! it is the morning of the Lion's Gate, 8-8-17 and I am happy to be bringing you some good news! Creative Change and Connecting with Nature are what's up...

There is lots of change in the air, and I am sure you can feel it, as I can, and I urge you to welcome this change and do your best to open to it with excitement, thinking all the while of the changes you would like to see in the world, and in your own individual life, without worrying about how that is going to happen. It's not a time to be in Fear, no matter how much that might seem like the appropriate response. It's a time to be in  Love, and peace, and the creative moment of the Now. Trusting the Divine and asking for help, when necessary.

Please write them down, the changes you would like to see. And release them to the Universe, trusting, surrendering those visions to the Divine, knowing that our prayers are being listened to, and responded to, keeping our thoughts of the highest nature. It's okay to want things for yourself personally, but we also want to remember to extend those good wishes to all the souls on the planet right now. Because there is really only one soul, and we are all connected. 
And we rise together.

Additionally, especially during this time that is so precious, between the Lion's Gate and the Solar Eclipse coming up on the 21st of August, it's a great time to write down on a piece of paper all that you would like to let go of in your life, the old chapter you are done with, and burn it in a fire ceremony, perhaps with some of your friends. And rather than having a beer, this time, around that fire, perhaps you might all want to close your eyes and share a quiet moment of meditation and open your ears and hearts to what the Divine might be wanting to communicate to you. 

It's a great time to do Kundalini yoga, if you can find a practitioner who teaches near you, and it's a great time to be walking alone in Nature, or maybe with your dog, especially if he or she is a quiet type who doesn't take all your attention :) Kundalini helps to move the Divine Presence, the energy of Spirit, through your body and raises your frequency, or vibration. 

Last week, walking with my beautiful doggie familiar (spiritual companion) in Port Townsend, WA, I saw three deer. Then a giant owl buzzed me, not once, but TWICE. Right over my head. I have been honored by numerous eagles flying over my head at a beach nearby, but this was the first Owl visitation I have been blessed by- in this part of the world. (In Santa Fe and Hawai'i  Owls showed up for me when big change was about to happen).  Shortly after that, yellow and white butterflies surrounded me on the path. I felt like Cinderella in the forest! 

And you? have you had experiences with animal visitations? I'd love to hear about them!

The deer continued to interact with me, for quite awhile. This is not unusual in this place where Nature is honored and they feel safe. They kept looking back at me as if they had things to say to me, and I resolved to ask, in my meditations, for more ability to hear what they were trying to say. Because I am clear that the block, if it exists, is on my side. These deer were very clear that they wanted to talk, and what was the matter with me that I couldn't get it! LOL.

Nature is really calling out to us these days, and She needs our attention and cooperation. Whatever you can do to be on the side of Nature right now is so important. We are, as I am sure you are aware, in a pivotal time in terms of the balance of Humankind and Nature on the planet. If we are all to continue to coexist, Humans are going to need to change the way we interact with Nature.

I wish for you that you are able to find quiet time in a beautiful part of Nature and that you are able to soak up some of that peace, and bring it back to your busy life. If you are quiet enough, maybe you can even hear, perhaps in your own garden, the voices of the devas, the Nature spirits, trying to get through to you.

I also wish for you that you manage to spend most of your time in contentment, regardless of what is going on in the outside world. I spend a lot of time online paying attention to what is going wrong, only because to me it is important to know the nature of what is up.

But it is JUST as important to stay in bliss, and not allow the darkness to affect us. Because our emotions are very important in the creation of our new world. The more we can learn to meditate ( I recommend TM which I have done since my 20s) the more we can step back from the madness and go into the creative place within ourselves from which all the best things emanate. And we can find true peace, which exists in each one of us, no matter what is going on outside of us. Doing the Spiritpath retreat, of course, makes this peace and creativity very accessible to us, very quickly.

If this makes sense to you, great. if you have questions, please comment and I'll do my best to explain in more depth.

Meanwhile, have a terrific day, dear ones, and remember, we are building the Bliss for the Planet right now. One moment at a time, one loving word and peaceful thought, one feeling of trust and surrender, and connection with the Divine. 

Blissings to you all from my heart and the heart of the Earth.
- Liz

Keeping the Peace inside ourselves in these times.

Posted on 3 June, 2017 at 2:52 Comments comments (34)
I know many people are struggling now with a lack of faith and trust and some fear about the future. I hear from people every day who are struggling with present day issues that seem overwhelming. 

Sometimes these struggles are with ghosts from the past that are coming up with increasing frequency to be healed. They keep cycling around until we can find the right situation to unpack them and find the wisdom within. If you have the ability to do deep work, especially body/mind/spirit work like shamanic work, I highly recommend it. 

Even if that's not possible for you at this time, I have a few suggestions that may help to at least start to calm things down on the inner for you.

First of all, if you don't have a regular meditation practice, now may be the time to consider something along those lines.

I really recommend meditation for peace and quiet in your own consciousness, on a regular basis. Things are pretty wild out there now and it is likely they are not going to calm down anytime in the near future. In fact I think we can expect them to continue to ratchet up.

Therefore now more than ever, we need to find our own peace within. 

In my world, meditation is essential. I recommend TM, the oldest and the one that has the most scientific studies behind it. Taking that short time, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the evening can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in keeping the peace internally.

And we know by now, it's all an inside job, right?

Walking in the woods, or being in Nature is also an excellent way to feel connected to Spirit for many people. Taking time to do this mindfully, and spending some time to breathe and talk to God/dess, whatever that looks like for you. Even for you atheists, it may be possible to connect to the Spirit of Nature. 

Whatever takes you out of your own head, for even a short time, is essential to help us stay balanced and keep us open to receiving - wisdom, peace, the feeling of well being from the Universe that helps us to feel the Love and Ease and connectedness we need to feel as humans.

What do you do to help you stay "in the Flow" of Joy and Happiness in these "Interesting Times"?

Please feel free to share more thoughts along these lines in the Comments section. Thank you for reading and sharing!

- Love to you all as we wind our way through these times that demand that we really be awake and aware and creative in ways we have never been asked to be before...

Being a good steward for children in your life

Posted on 29 April, 2017 at 21:09 Comments comments (66)
Being a good steward for children  in this time of growing awareness of sexual abuse and intergenerational patterns/cycles of abuse.
How can we take care of children as a community, especially those of us who are working to become more conscious of our own patterns and bring them to consciousness - and make sure they don't happen to one more child..?
This is up for me now as I am dealing with so many adults who are survivors of horrific sexual or other abuse as children, and I know- they are the lucky ones. They are the ones who survived to adulthood and didn't kill themselves or raise abused children, passing on their patterns. I want to urge you as a caring adult, to not be part of the problem, but to contribute to the solution, where you can.

Step number one is BELIEVE CHILDREN when they report to you that something is going on. Medical professionals, teachers, and other licensed health care providers are mandated reporters. If they hear something they have to pass it on to the proper authorities. But please don't be thinking this does not apply to YOU! Any parent, relative, friend of the parents, or anyone in a position to observe what is going on with a child they know, has a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to be aware.
At the very least.

Step number two is REPORT. If you see a child you know who is changing - and not for the better, please bring it to the parent's attention. There are many things that could be going on with that child, bullying, other abuse, sexual identity issues, and sexual abuse is only one of those many things. But someone needs to concern themselves with what is going on. A trusted friend can help a child a lot by paying attention and asking questions, gently. If the parent, after you report it to them,  chooses to stay in denial about the situation, or blows it off with some bogus excuse, you may need to go further.

Step number three is DISCUSS. The taboo of child sexual abuse, rape, trafficking, etc. is so horrific that no one wants to talk about it. This, plus the process of the victim taking on the shame of the offender, makes the victim/survivor feel like a pariah- increasing the isolation and helping the perp's chances of getting away with it.
Please don't enable the perp's chances of continuing this behavior, and don't enable the child's feelings of isolation and low self esteem, by continuing to NOT TALK ABOUT this subject. Obviously you don't need to be naming names, and contributing to the shame of the victim..

Step number four is STEP UP. As a community, we need to ALL take responsibility for the health of our children. Don't be thinking that if you tell the parents you see something going on with their child, and they do nothing, that you have done your part.

Step number five is FOLLOW UP.. Please... Don't be worrying about whether it is socially acceptable to stay on the parents about this issue.  A child's life and death may depend on your willingness to be a STAND UP PERSON in that child's life. If you feel this child is being abused, and nothing is happening, by all means, gather yourself and CALL DHS or the appropriate authorities.

Please Look to your conscience, not your peer group, for guidance on this issue.

Staying in the Light in Difficult times

Posted on 14 April, 2017 at 18:18 Comments comments (235)
Challenging times indeed, my friends.... while those of us who have been on the path for a long time have always heard that the times of huge change were coming, of course we had no idea exactly how it would look. I think it's safe to say most of us could never have predicted that it would look this way..but of course that is the point, or one of them ! Our minds don't any longer get to feel comfort in the illusion that we are safe and protected because we know what is going on. All bets are off.
Living from the Mind alone will never be enough again. It's time to make that connect with Nature, with God/Goddess/ the Divine, that force bigger than ourselves, whatever we choose to name it, and ask for guidance, ask for help, ask for the direction we need, the next step.
Now the challenge for us all is to keep our heads and keep our TRUST in the DIVINE - in our own Divine Nature - when all around us there are real events and personalities that appear to be in charge that inspire fear.
When we do the work of clearing the past - at the deepest level - we can remove any residue of guilt or the need for punishment, or the need to stay small and powerless so that we won't be a target.. and gain the courage to stand up and take a brave stance for ourselves, for working people and the beautiful Earth we love so much, and for people all around the world who have a right to live, and flourish, without fear.
It is absolutely possible to be completely in touch with what is going on around us, (not in denial) and to still enjoy our lives and feel trust and continue to create the World we want to see, and the experiences in our own lives that we wish to enjoy. I hope in the days to come in this blog to be able to help you with that trust and that sense of ease and well -being, any way I can.
In the meantime, I send you love and wish for you to feel that trust and that connection with Divine Love that will assist you in walking through these days with Grace and even, hopefully, some real joy in the midst of the changes.
Many blessings and Agape Love coming your way!
- Liz

Return of the Divine Feminine

Posted on 2 January, 2011 at 0:02 Comments comments (29)

What people are talking about now and thinking about has a lot to do with the Return of the Divine Feminine.

We see our world in the midst of major upheaval - economic, political, social, relationships..... stock market, bank accounts, wars in 75 countries (and those are only the ones the US is involved in) ...you name it, there is a whole lot of shaking going on.

This movement can cause a lot of fear and discord and retro kinds of reactivity in us, especially for those of us who are not grounded in a positive spiritual program. Even those who have a strong spiritual program fall into fear from time to time, and we depend on each other at those times, to remind us of what we already know but have temporarily forgotten.

This movement of Kali as I would call it, the eradication of all that is built on a false foundation, building up to the climax that is indicated in the Mayan calendar, will give us all an opportunity to look at what is working in our lives, and what is just habitual- what has life and juice and meaning for us, and what is just holding on to old habits from the past, unconsciously.

I would put hoarding and the religion of materialism in that category. Old habits of greed on an international scale are putting the world dangerously out of balance. Another area that holds us back is hanging on to old relationships that are no longer juicing us and helping us to grow. One way out of the isolation and existential sadness that many are feeling (which manifests in depression and "anti depressants")  is learning to share and love and care for each other as a community..

The fear and existential despair and worry about what is going to happen can keep us up at night and lower the quality of our sleep. Taking drugs is not the answer. Connecting with your higher self makes a huge difference.

The exciting thing is that these  are also times when the Planet is being FLOODED with light - it's coming into every one of us, and the Lightworkers among us are using it to help heal and balance the Planet. The Wise Women and Men among us are using it to do Visioning Work... thinking about how we want the world of the future to work and using INTENTION to help create that world - a world where there is an end to scarcity and fear.

A world where the needs of all are met, and beauty and abundance are shared by all the world - in short, a Goddess society.

You can read more about such Goddess societies in the book "the Chalice and the Blade "  by Riane Eisler and other books in the Reading Material section of this website.

many blessings for a RADIANT NEW YEAR!

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